Awesome Ideas

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Produttività Stili e tendenze
Sviluppatore Mike Cendana
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Feeling bored? Got the doldrums? Stuck in a rut doing the same routine? There are so many things to do that are fun and good for you too. Sometimes you just need someone (or some app) to give you some direction...

Awesome Ideas is a simple but powerful app. Its a collection of things to do. Some are quick and easy, others are more involved. Some are fun just for funs sake, and others have more lasting benefits. Hopefully, most of them youll find worthwhile.

The ideas are presented randomly so you never know what youre going to get. Its a great way to add some spontaneity to your day.

Life is short. Get the app and do something awesome.

Available in free and paid versions (the free version will display ads at the bottom of the screen).